Sunday, January 6, 2008

Attention Men: Valentine's Day Is On The Way

Ok, so we're a fairly new florist (est. 2006) and last year we weren't quite sure what to expect for Valentine's Day. Being the optimist that I am, I decided to prepare for the best, and some how, some way, we'd sell all the roses I purchased.....1300 stems!! Some men placed their orders about week in advance, but not nearly as many as I had thought. The nights leading up to Valentine's Day I fell asleep full of anxiety, with visions of that American Beauty scene where rose petals are falling all over the Mena Suvari.

Much to my surprise (and relief!) 85% of our flower sales were made on Valentine's Day! There was a line out our door at one point, and the phone rang off the hook. In fact we sold out of every one of those 1300 stems I ordered...and that was just the roses. Really??! Come on guys! That's a big risk to wait until the very last moment. We were getting calls from men who said the florist they originally ordered from called them back and said they couldn't get their orders delivered, so they called Flower Bar to save them! Also, we did our research and most Atlanta florists were charging $125 or more per dozen....which to be honest, isn't all that unreasonable considering our Grower's prices spike dramatically during this holiday.

Our point is that this year we want to help men out. Let us give you incentive to think about what you will send to your honey BEFORE Thursday, February 14, 2008. Here are some tips, tricks and special offers to help you become a better Valentine.

1) Place your Valentine's Day order before February 2nd, and receive 20% off our "day of" pricing. (e.g. Doz gorgeous long stemmed roses with unique greens and vase: $76.00 before Feb 2nd, $95.00 after. Or a cocktail bouquet for $39.95 pre-ordered, $59.95 "day of").

2) Place your Valentine's Day order before February 9th and include Sweet Pocket's Cupcakes, Jake's Ice Cream, or Sally B's skin yummies with your delivery for no additional delivery fees!

3) Have your flowers delivered towards the end of the Day on the 13th. This is the best way to ensure your honey has their flowers in time to enjoy them all day long on Valentine's Day.

4) Pick up your bouquet from us that morning (or the day before) and hand deliver them yourself on Valentine's Day....surprise your honey at work, or greet them with flowers in-hand when you get home.

5) Get creative with what you give. Try an exclusive Cocktail Themed Bouquet™, or a short contemporary bouquet in a square glass vase, or order a bunch of rose petals to place along a dinner table, bubble bath, and/or bedroom.

6) Planning to propose on Valentine's Day? Call us! We'd love to be a part of your creativity! Plus we're suckers for that mushy gushy stuff, so we'll do just about anything to help you make it memorable.

Call Flower Bar at 404-525-2244 to discuss your Valentine's Day plans.

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