Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Flowers for Prince- His Last Shows

Last April, The Purple One came to Atlanta for his limited "Piano & a Microphone" tour, and was to play two shows at the Fox Theatre.  Flower Bar is a preferred vendor of Fox Theatre, we do their corporate thank you flowers.  When I got the call that Prince's people had asked for a recommended florist, I about lost my mind.  I LOVE Prince.  I GREW UP on Prince music!  The couple of hours it took to get the call, felt like forever.

It was April 6th, and the shows were to be the next day.  Prince was playing two shows in one night, one at 7pm and one at 10pm.  I had tickets to the 10pm, which was awesome enough, but when they asked for five arrangements for his backstage area, and under his piano on stage- I could barely keep in my excitement.  I've had the privilege to do flowers for many high profile actors, musicians and community figures-- but there is no one in the world I would rather design for...than Prince.

The flower request was very specific.  Three arrangements of white roses and/or lilies only.  No fillers.  Whatever greenery I wanted.  Red roses for his on-stage piano, and an orchid plant.  I scrambled an hour before my supplier closed, and made it happen.  The next morning, I delivered everything requested.

Flowers for Prince's piano back stage, at Fox Theatre in Atlanta

Here's a close up of those backstage piano flowers, outside of our shop

A larger arrangement for the credenza in his dressing room hat held his tea and water

Close up of the credenza arrangement for Prince's dressing room

Smaller bouquet for the table by his couch, for Prince to sit and eat
Double stem phalaenopsis orchid, for Prince's Dressing room
What you don't see a photo of, are the 30 red roses we delivered, which were placed lying under his custom purple piano on stage.  I arrived at the Fox Theatre, keeping my cool (because I'm a professional!) but bursting with excitement inside.  Got everything placed.  Got back to the shop, trying to get through the day, before a quick change at home and then CONCERT BOUND!

Unfortunately, about an hour after I got back to the shop, the shows were cancelled!!!  Reports were that Prince had the flu.  I was crushed, devastated.  I got a call from his team saying they would reschedule the show for the next week, and to please do it all over again then.  And I did.

April 14th was the actual show date.  As planned, I went to the 10pm show, and it was truly AMAZING.  I've seen Prince twice before and it's always amazing, but this time it was just him and his piano- which offered a once in a lifetime experience.  Little did any of us know, it would be his LAST in a lifetime show.

Exactly one week later, Prince passed away.  I had to sit down when I heard the news.  I went from so high, to plummet and shock.

Looking back, I am so incredibly grateful that I got to experience Prince's last show.  And that I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to put flowers together for him.  When I delivered the flowers, his staff said they were the most beautiful he's had on this tour so far.  I really really hope he thought so too.

RIP Prince.  You live forever through your music and our memories.

God Bless.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Elizabeth Karp Photography- Ashley and Brett's Wedding

It was a true pleasure to create the wedding flowers for Ashley and Brett last weekend.  Brett had ordered flowers from Flower Bar years ago, and when I heard he was Ashley's fiancé, I was over the moon!

It's just over a week ago- and their fantastic photographer, Elizabeth Karp, has already delivered her stunning images of their special day!!  Thank you Elizabeth Karp Photography, for capturing our florals in the most beautiful way!

You can also check out her Facebook page for other examples of her work.

As Ashely and I were discussing her wedding, she only had a few simple requests.  She sent me a photo of her mother's bouquet, and wanted the same shape and feel.  She also referred to one of the Flower Bar online designs called "Lavenders and Lime" as the color inspiration.  And here are the results.....

****All images copyright @ Elizabeth Karp Photography
****All floral design by Flower Bar, LLC

Congratulations Ashley and Brett!!  Thank you for letting Flower Bar be a part of your special day!!

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