Monday, April 25, 2016

Mother's Day Movie- Send Movie Star Bouquets to Mom!

Late last year Mother's Day Movie Productions was filming their self titled movie, Produced by the great Garry Marshall.  The movie features three of my favorite actresses - Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts- so when I found out Flower Bar got the chance to make beautiful flower arrangements for these leading ladies, I was beyond excited!  We've been hush-hush about the opportunity, until the movie is released. (And P.S. Teleflora had the contract for the actual set flowers. I don't use wire services, so that went to the wire florists.)

The movie comes out this Friday, April 29th, and you can see Mother's Day movie trailer here.

The production company gave me creative freedom as to what I made for the ladies.  They were "Welcome to Atlanta" bouquets for their hotel rooms.


Jennifer Aniston was the first in town.  I was told she liked jewel tones, so this is what I made for her.
"The Jennifer"

Jen's arrangement had purple hydrangea, yellow ranunculus, pink and purple anemone, succulents, pin cushions, red and "free spirit" roses, and grapevine wood.  You can order an arrangement for Mother's Day inspired by her bouquet.  Click here to order "The Jennifer".


Kate Hudson was next to join the cast and crew in Atlanta.  She reminds me of sunshine, so I went for a sunset inspiration. This is what I made for her...
"The Kate"

An arrangement inspired by Kate's bouquet can be ordered online to send to Mom, just in time for the big holiday!  Click here to order "The Kate."  This bouquet features premium blooms such as green hydrangea, cymbidium orchid, succulents, ranunculus, "free spirit" roses, celosia and kiwi branch.


A few weeks later, Julia arrived. It was getting colder in the season, and I wanted to do something very unusual for her.
"The Julia"

Julia's arrangement had the same "free spirit" roses as the other ladies (see my theme?), but hers also featured the very unique white queen protea, along with rose hips, trachelium, feaver few and kiwi vine.

You can order a beautiful arrangement for Mom, inspired by the beautiful Julia's flowers, just in time for Mother's Day.  Click here to order "The Julia".

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!

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