Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dayton's Proposal

One of the things I love the most about running a flower shop, is getting to peak into the romance of different people's lives. One of the most romantic times in people's lives is when a man proposes to a woman. So of course, I LOVE getting the phone call about a guy needing help with his plans to propose!

This past Memorial Day weekend, we got a call from Dayton. He told me his plan, and I got just as excited as I would if a brother called, telling me about asking his girlfriend to marry him. Dayton had a couple of logistical obstacles, which we helped him with, but here's how he popped the question!

Dayton's girlfriend Lindsey received an email on Saturday morning, telling her to make the trip from Newnan (where they live) to our flower shop to begin a little scavenger hunt. She has GPS, so she was to program in a new destination with each stop.

At about 2pm, Lindsey walked into Flower Bar pretty confused. She said she wasn't sure why she was there. I gave her the bouquet Dayton ordered (see picture) along with a card, and a gift certificate to Victoria Secret. The card had the store's address on it and note to shop for something she liked. After her shopping spree, she received instructions to go to The Embassy Suites downtown at Centennial Park.

At the hotel, she received a room key, where a masseuse would be on call for a nice massage. When she was done, her final instructions were to walk down to Centennial Park and look for Dayton. There he would propose! Their final stop- dinner at Ruth Chris Steak House downtown. Isn't it oh so romantic!!?

Thank you to Dayton for letting us post about his big day.

...I wonder if they are planning their wedding flowers yet.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Two Steves....

Customer Update: Yesterday I received a call from a gentleman who ordered flowers from us a couple of months ago....he reminded me of his story. His name is Steve and he was ordering flowers for his wife's birthday. Steve was planning several days ahead of time, and we chatted a couple of times about what to send his wife to make a great impression.

When Steve placed his order he signed the card "Love Steve (The one from Florida)". He explained a story about how he and his wife had wondered if the wife's ex-boyfriend (also named Steve!) would send her Birthday wishes on her special he put the little note at the end of his card to clarify, just in case.

On the day of the delivery, I got a call from Husband Steve. The wife was very disappointed. He mentioned that we had such great customer service, and he enjoyed planning the arrangement with us, and therefore was even more disappointed that she didn't like the flowers. I, of course, panicked. People don't complain about our arrangements! I told him we'd make good, or give him his money back, etc.

An hour or so later, he called me back. The ex-boyfriend Steve had in fact sent his wife the "ugly" flowers....PHEW! Our more gorgeous arrangement came just an hour later, and she loved it! His phone call yesterday was to order more flowers.

Thanks Husband Steve, for letting me blog about your story (and for reminding me about it yesterday), and for ordering more flowers from Flower Bar!! We hope we will continue to impress!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Join Us Thursday May 29th @ Paisley

Who Inspires Your Style? Paisley Umbrella Toasts Sex and the City: The Movie opening nationwide May 30th. Join Flower Bar for Cupcakes and Cocktails Thursday May 29th, 6-9pm at Paisley Umbrella, our bridal showroom location. Be one of the first 50 guests and get the ultimate Fashion Getaway gift tote, filled with goodies! Drawings for exclusive giveaways will be held every hour!

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