Friday, January 25, 2008

Breaking the Ice with Cocktails!

Cocktail Bouquets™ are to Flower Bar, like men are to single women...when it rains, it pours! This week was a BIG cocktail bouquet™ ordering week. What inspired this blog entry is--that we keep finding that our cocktail bouquets™ are absolutely perfect for a guy who wants to impress a new love interest.....especially if they met out somewhere while drinking cocktails.
Guys often come to us wanting to send something to someone they just met. They want to make a good impression, but they don't want to over do it. Sending a "single" serving size Cocktail Bouquet™, themed after her favorite beverage, is a perfect way to be different and make an impression, without overwhelming her too early in the relationship.
Hint: On your card- put "Cheers!," "You intoxicate me," "You're refreshing," or something of the like to go in theme with your bouquet. Love responsibly!
- Flower Bar

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