Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Judi + Morgan Wedding

In late September, Morgan and Judi got married at the beautiful Oakland Cemetery, set up near the visitor's center. It was a rainy day, but the rain did break, and the lighting was perfect for their beautiful wedding photos....all taken by the very talented Annie at Photo by Gannon.

Judi wanted petally pinks, salmon and oranges in her flowers.  Her friends gave her a collection of vessels to use for the tables, each of them different, which usually poses a bit of a challenge for the florist to make it all come together, but it came out beautiful.  Her friends' containers were coupled with various bottles that had sweet charms hanging from the necks.

Because of the rain, our table count suddenly went from 17 to about 9 tables, which was all they could fit in covered spaces away from the rain.  It made for an intimate gathering, and lots of flowers on the tables and throughout the historic visitor center building's ledges and railings.  Well, rain at your wedding is good luck, and from the looks of the photos, it did not put a damper on this event in any way!

I wish I had more photos to share with you, but here are a few more showing our Flower Bar designs, captured by Photo by Gannon.
Morgan and Judi sat at this table.  I love this vessel with the cherubs. These flowers include lisianthus, bittersweet, garden roses, peach stock, and butterfly bush.

The guests wined and dined at a long family style table, protected from the inclement weather.  The soft colors of flowers and candles gave a warm glow to the evening.

A collection of bottles with these wonderful charms were scattered throughout the tables, along with the borrowed vessels.  She also used charms with old fashioned time pieces and keys. Loved this idea!

Judi and Morgan were a wonderful couple with work with, and I so enjoyed meeting and discussing their vision.  Judi stared a pinterest board for her wedding, which is what I used for inspiration.  She was the second Bride that month to send me a thank you email first thing the next morning.  That is worth so much to me, and I'm so happy I could be a part of their special day.

Congratulations Judi and Morgan!!!!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#FloristToTheStars "Mother's Day" movie

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Director of Photography, Chuck Minsky when he came in to visit my shop.  He admired our lighting and florals, and mentioned he was about to begin work on a new movie called "Mother's Day".  I said how Flower Bar is just beginning to get in on all the filming action going on in Atlanta, and he said he would pass along my info to their production team.

Mother's Day is directed by the great Garry Marshall, and stars three of my all time favorite leading ladies.....Julie Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.  Plus, the annual Mother's Day holiday is the second largest business boom for florists.  What an opportunity!!!

Well, it turns out (as he had suspected, and warned me) that Teleflora had the contract for the movie, and therefor unless I was a Teleflora member I couldn't do set flowers.  I no longer belong to any national wire services, because I don't believe in them.  I once was a Teleflora member, but found they made more money off the orders they sent me than I did.  It saddened me to know that the big wire services are now in the movie business, but it does make sense.

Nonetheless, the Production Team was able to use Flower Bar to send flowers to the leading ladies' hotel rooms, to welcome them to Atlanta and brighten up their stays!  I was honored.

So here's what I came up with....I was trying to be different for the ladies, and send them something they don't see all the time.

Jennifer Aniston:
Jen was the first to arrive. I did jewel tones for her and used a collection of high end flowers, including hydrangea, pincushions, ranunculus, trick, zinnias and succulents.  Her arrangement also featured grapevine wood, and came in a 10" square glass vase lined with ti leaf. 

Kate Hudson:
Kate came to town next.  I made her a "sunset" colored arrangement with hydrangea, celosia, cymbidium orchids and more.  Hers also featured kiwi branch all curly and wild.  Also delivered in a 10" square glass vase, leaf lined.
Julia Roberts:
Julia came to production a couple of weeks later.  Her arrangement featured white queen protea, free spirit roses, traquilium, kiwi branch, rose hips and more, in a taller square glass vase with ti leaf.

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Little 5 Points Halloween Float!!!!!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of fulfilling a life-long dream....to have a flower float in a parade!!  Flower Bar participated in the L5P Halloween Parade this year, and our theme was "Dia de Las Muertes Wedding" (Day of the dead wedding). 

The week leading up to the parade was actually unusually extra busy, so I didn't even get started on figuring out how to put the float together, until two days before.  We had large sugar skulls I had painted that stood on poles, a towering flower arrangement and 500 carnations to give away to parade watchers.  It was tons of fun!

The photo above shows our basic framing of the float, but it was the people who joined our procession that made the show! 
Here's a shot of Laura, Shane, Adrienne and Talia posing as we sat parked, waiting for the parade to start.
Here is a shot of the sugar skull bride and her bridesmaids.  All are wearing Flower Bar flower crowns, and I made Linda an extra flowery dress and skully bridal bouquet.
Mark and Valerie went all out on their costumes, and I love them for that!  They also work at one of my main wholesalers, and were most generous with the moral support and extra carnations to pass out to the crowd.

Laura and Shane joined us. They will be getting married soon for real.  Loved their outfits!

Marte and Tommy looked great, and were so fun to be with! Nice make up jobs!  Love it.

Little miss Talia walked with us and helped us pass out over 500 colorful carnations...and lollipops!  What a trooper.

And our littlest supporter, Mila, joined mom Amy in our procession.  She was a trooper too!

And then there was Rich, my night and shining amour, he drove the truck that toed the float...and stayed sober to do so...not so much for the rest of us :-)  Thanks Rich!

And off we go!  The parade begins....well, actually we were one of the last of 80 floats, but there were so many people lined up in the streets, I was happy to see they were still paying attention.  They cheered us on and yelled for their flowers.

Here are the bride and groom, on the float.  This was before we passed out all the flowers, and then pulled everything out of the arrangements on the float.  Good to know nothing went to waste.

Here's a shot from the back of the float.  You can never have enough signage, which reminds me to give a special thanks to my weekly accounts (also featured on the signage): The Albert, Cypress Street Pint and Plate, GRAIN, Goorin Bros Hat Company, The Westin Peachtree and WAX Atlanta.

And last but not least, the two photos above are my favorite.  They don't really show the actual "float" but they do show the work done on their costumes with all the flowers and color.
Thanks to everyone who participated.  I wish I had more photos, but they are starting to come in on social media. Please check out our Instagram and Facebook page for more pics!
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