Saturday, August 29, 2015

Succulent Sensations

For years we've been adding succulents to our gorgeous bouquets. They are a wonderful feature to any arrangement.  I recently did a piece for a high profile recipient (sorry, I can't tell you yet-- maybe when the movie comes out next year..), and used several succulents, but I loved how this one little succulent is sitting upon a grape wood branch!

And another view

Here's another example of a wedding that included succulents.  This Bride and Groom had their beautiful ceremony and reception at The Georgian Terrace.  This first photo is from the wedding photographer, always better than my camera phone pics last minute!

And here's my camera phone last minute photos :-)

Whenever possible, I support Kurt at our local Southeast Succulents, now conveniently located right across the street!  He has tons of beautiful varieties, in all sizes.
Another perk of succulents is that they are so easy to take care of...just a little water and sun and you're good!  But if you really have NO green thumb whatsoever (don't feel bad, we've got you covered) then we have these "forever succulents" that are hand painted and take no work at all!  I created this cool "planter" out of a cigar box from another local-just-down-the-street business, Highland Cigar Co.

I run my shop with as much creativity as possible.  I'm always asking myself what I can do to be different.  If you know about us, you know Flower Bar has our very own exclusive "cocktail bouquets" made from real barware.  Please check out our website for more info on our shop.

Flower Bar is a full service florist, offering custom designs for daily delivery, special events, weddings, movie/television production and weekly accounts in the Atlanta area. 

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Team Building DIY Workshop with GUIDE, Inc.

I had the pleasure of spending this morning with a great group of people from Gwinnette United in Drug Education (GUIDE, Inc.).  GUIDE, Inc. is a Gwinnett County driven initiative for change in alcohol, tobacco and drugs, focusing primarily on youth substance abuse prevention.

They had a team-building DIY Workshop at Flower Bar, and we all had so much fun!  These lovely ladies worked well with, and around, each other, as I decided last minute to hold the class inside the shop-- we usually do it in the outdoor veranda room, but it was too hot!

It's always fun for me to do a "free style" class, because I get to see each personality come through in their creation.  Occasionally, I'll be bold enough to read a personality out loud, and I'm usually right. :-)  Today's group included "the exotic and unusual one who's not afraid to be different" and "the woman who could decorate her house at Target, but it would look like she shopped at Crate & Barrel" and "the big in generous and big in confidence personality, who is a great leader."

Here are a few more photos of this group creating their masterpieces...

and the final group shot:
Flower Bar offers DIY Workshops the first Friday of each month. 
**Excluding September- this workshop scheduled for LAST Friday in August**
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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have made a come back over the last year or so, and being a San Francisco born hippie child with flowers in my hair-- I couldn't be happier!

These pretties are all the rage for weddings, festivals and just because... well, just because you are fabulous!  We always have plenty to choose from, or call to special order something specific!

Here are a few examples:

Have a special request for a specific flower or color for your flower crown?  Just let us know!  We can make them as colorful and elaborate as you want. 

Flower Bar is a full service florist serving the metro Atlanta area.  Walk-ins welcome, daily delivery, weddings, events and holidays.  We also have DIY workshop classes each month.  Flower Bar is located at Irwin Street Market, housed with some other fantastic businesses like O4W Pizza, Jake's Ice Cream and Doctah Mojo's Juice Bar....come visit us soon, we'd love to see you!

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

August DIY Workshop Recap

Last night was a ton of fun, and I want to thank all of our DIY Workshop participants for coming!  Our August DIY workshop was "freestyle".  Everyone got to pick which flowers they wanted to use, and it's always fascinating to me to see each individual's personality come out in their creations!  Here are a few photos from our event. 

Caveat-- I am the worst event photographer ever, every photo is somewhat blurry, but it's almost so ridiculous I had to post anyway...

My guests enjoyed some lite bites along with a few sips of champagne provided and whatever refreshments they brought themselves, which included some tasty looking sangria!  We used clear glass cube vases that were lined with ti leaf. After demonstrating a few tips on mechanics, it was then up to them how they wanted to complete their arrangements (with a little coaching here and there).

Everyone did something very different.  Take a look at each of their masterpieces!


Flower Bar offers DIY Floral Workshops at least once per month.  We will add events closer to the holidays as well, so you can make your own holiday centerpieces, Valentine's, Easter and Mother's Day bouquets.  Check our website at for updated schedules.
RSVP required to participate.
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

DIY Flower Workshop- August 7th, 7-8:30 pm

Make your own Summer Bouquets!  We have three different workshop price points: $35 bqt, $50 bqt, $75 bqt or choose to make two bouquets and get $5 off.  We'll be using hearty summer flowers in a variety of bright and cheery colors.

We provide:

 - All the flowers for your bouquet(s)
- A variety of container options for your price point
- All the tools and supplies needed
** You can BYOB if you would like!

Workshop is here at our shop 7pm-8:30pm.  You'll have a great time learning how to design your own arrangements, while you mingle with the others! Advance pay for your reservation we don't run out of flowers! :-)

Our location at the Irwin Street Market:
660 Irwin Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

August 7th, 7pm-8:30pm
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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Our New Little Shop....Remade, Again

In June we re-opened our doors at the Irwin Street Market.  We first started here in 2006, when I quit my corporate radio marketing job, and jumped full-hearted in to flowers (something I've been doing since I was 16 years old).  Flower Bar grew very quickly, into three locations over a short period of time.  After several years, I decided to move the business away from the day to day deliveries, and to just focus on weddings and events.

Well- we've come full circle.  We're back and we're thrilled to pick up where we left off, in one of the coolest parts of Atlanta, and now-- just off the Atlanta Beltline (which didn't exist when we started)!

What I may be most proud of is that the majority of our build out and set up used recycled material and/or repurposed equipment.  Take a look....

Our wall, separating the market's library area, is made of recycled French doors...

Our windows are made from a collection of old antique windows, some of them very old!
 This is our galvanized table from our original shop, which I purchased as a recycled item at an old restaurant supplier back in 2006.
The bar...oh my favorite piece!  I was just about to have a bar built, when I found a married couple selling their home bar, which was never used in the husband's man cave. Hard to believe, and what a waste- I'm glad I saved it!!
The cooler I purchased from a restaurant supply store.  It was a Target cooler, and they switch out their coolers every 4-5 years, so I know it's in good shape!  You may not see it clearly, but on the little black shelf are several fine liquor bottles recycled from The of our favorite REAL bars. We put flowers in them, cause that's what we do!
Here I have some flower quotes I really love.... that's sort of like recycling words of wisdom. :-)  My favorites are "I must have flowers, always, and always" - Claude Monet  and "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." - A.A. Milne
Flower Bar is a full service florist in Atlanta.  We do daily delivery, special events, weddings, weekly accounts and production services.  Come by just to smell the flowers, or pick out one stem, or come by to discuss your next big event- either way we'd love to see you!
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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday was a monumental day in history.  The LGBT community finally has the right to live and love equally, and I 100% support that!  Always have.

Flower Bar had done a couple of commitment ceremonies in the past, both for men and women, but it's been a while.  I am super excited and hopeful that we will be a part of many same sex marriages in the coming future!

In honor of yesterdays news, I couldn't wait to make a couple of bouquets to represent.  Here's two, hope you enjoy.

Flower Bar is a full service florist, located just off the beltline, in the Old Fourth Ward district of Atlanta.  We specialize in weddings, events, daily delivery, and weekly accounts.  Be we're also a little different!  We have "cocktail themed" bouquets that come in real booze glassware :)
We also offer DIY Workshops the first Friday of each month.
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