Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Portrait of a Con Man- Curtis Coats III - aka Nigel St Clair

WARNING! It is with regret, but purpose, that I am posting this blog today.  A man named Curtis Coats III (or Nigel St Clair), from "CA & Associates"and "Nigel at Night" contacted my flower shop during a busy Mother's Day season.  Unfortunately, I was distracted enough to not catch on to his huge scam, until three weeks later.  We had a court date and he did not show up.  I have a Judgement against him for $2963.17, but doubt I will ever see any money.  But the money does not mean as much to me as the long and vast path of Fraud, in Georgia and in Texas, that I have uncovered during my investigation.  This blog will act as a central point for anyone looking in to this man.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN.


An email curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com has been created for anyone wanting to report your fraudulent experience with Curtis Coats, or his whereabouts. Your contributions could help authorities with a larger investigation.

Current alias he is using: Curtis Coats, Curtis Coats III, Nigel Coats, Nigel St. Clair

"Nigel at Night"  He is using this file https://drive.google.com/file/d/12JfvJn_jwdQky5naBhDgXo116TjhwQnL/view  to say he is starting a radio show called "Nigel at Night".  In May he told me it was launching in July.  It is now September, and let me assure you, there is no "Nigel at Night" show.  Also, I've been in contact with the person who created his logo in May, and she too has not been paid, even though her bill is only $250.  He claimed a high-profile television figure was behind him and supported his show, and an integral part of him launching the show.  Well, months later I reached out to this local celebrity who was generous enough to share emails with me, and confirmed she does not know him, and had just days before met him for the first time, as "Nigel St Clair".  I believe she has blocked him from her social media, and she had offered to help in any criminal investigation.

Curtis Coats presents himself as a successful businessman, with a large staff, working in a company called "CA & Associates."  Here is the only online presence he has for his "business." https://curtiscoatsiii.weebly.com/    Also, his "staff" is fake.  He has used the following emails. The ones that appear to be staff, are actually him.  He got sloppy in his communications, and I have proof.

Emails used:

Please email curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com if you have any information to contribute.  Your information may help authorities with a larger investigation in to this man.

Curtis Coats III was in his first month at a shared office space (common in Atlanta) when he opened an account with me.  Once I caught on, I called this office and suggested they look in to him.  The next week, when I sent a driver to deliver hard copies of his invoices, he was no longer located there.  That says eviction to me.  And he has a very long history of that as well.

Curtis Coats uses his young 8 year old son, as manipulation and to cause empathy.  He will claim his ex-wife is in a nasty custody battle with him, or that she is somehow the reason he can't pay bills- i.e. she froze my account, etc.  Well, I spoke to this very lovely woman, and she has FULL custody and he owes her thousands of dollars in child support....and counting.  Please DO NOT reach out to her.  She is not hard to find.  But, when I reached out to her she said she lost count on how many people have contacted her about Curtis Coats.  Let's relieve her of having to answer for this pathetic sociopath, and the negative energy he continues to bring upon her.  There has been an email established for those who want to reach out and that is curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com

Curtis Coats' main M.O. are the following:
Lies about professional staff and business situations
Provides fake documents for office and home rentals, employment, etc.
Lures vulnerable women into romantic involvement, and then rips them off
Uses references to his young son, to manipulate empathy
Plays whack-a-mole with eviction notices
Plays whack-a-mole with bankruptcies
Threatens those who confront him with fake legal documents and resources
Failures to appear in Court

Additional links for more information:

Scamguard long message board with numerous posters

Scribd.com is a great resource for court documents- here are just a FEW links to Curtis Coats







Here's a copy of my Judgement https://publicrecordsaccess.fultoncountyga.gov/Portal/DocumentViewer/Index/VSqHRT6t_znXB1QyrBGQ5myRTh7HivHKoaPXt3TJUyy5E6-4IE1utb7WB2nAbanOKw6c4GgjaUWs2tAXsUvfRhJJVHeWUEXgxuq83wTP3wM1?caseNum=19MS120479&docType=SCANNED%20IMAGE-%20CIVIL&docName=DEFAULT%20JUDGMENT&docTypeId=71&p=0

And last but not least, if you are a woman considering a relationship with this man, I am doing this for you.  I had a business relationship only with this man, though he did try the romantic route as well and was immediately shut down.  Several of the women who got caught in his web, are so distraught about getting nowhere in restitution, that they just want to put it behind them.  It seems like his romantic targets are the most vulnerable, as they are not signing business contracts and/or receiving fraudulent payments.  It's not like you can call the cops and say "my boyfriend ripped me off."  Curtis has a very nice voice, and he is well spoken. DO NOT LET THIS FOOL YOU!!!!!  If this man has contacted you, please report him via email at curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com. Click here to see a video an Austin news station did about Curtis Coats online dating scams.

Thank you, and God Bless.

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UPDATED Below- 9/16/19 *********************************************************************************

I appreciate the responses and reports so far, and have listed new information below.

Defrauding His Family- a direct member of his family reached out to me last week, and attached the court document, dated November 2018, stating Curtis Coats guilty of Identity Fraud, and Theft by Deception- against his own oldest son! After over a year of giving his son the runaround, he somehow walked away with 5 years probation.  I will not post the court document, to protect his son's identity, though it is public information and he is aware that I am including him in my update, and he has given me permission to do so.  I was also told that Curtis is well known for using a story about the next big entertainment deal ----"fill in the blank"---- that was just around the corner, but never materializes.

Current Bankruptcy filing-  One week ago, Mr. Coats filed for bankruptcy, AGAIN.  His hearing is September 24th, and the Chapter 13 Trustee noted his five (5) previous bankruptcy filings since 2013 on the court document.  The Trustee recommended dismissal "with prejudice", which is supposed to be pretty rare, so that is progress.  I also believe it means from reading the paperwork, that he won't be able to file bankruptcy for another 6 months.

Match.com Prowling-  Posing as Nigel St Clair, Curtis is at it again.  I had a very interesting conversation with a woman, who was in contact with "Nigel St Clair" (Curtis) through Match.com. Luckily she was sensing something was up. She started searching his name and "Nigel at Night", and found this blog. She cut off all communication before their first date that was to be scheduled last week.  I'm telling you, these stories are unbelievable. Curtis takes the fast track to his online dating approach, so be aware.  Click here to see a video KTVU in Austin did about Curtis Coats scamming women via online dating (july 2017).

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Flower Bar DIY Flower Design Workshops

We're off to another busy year having fun with our Flower Design DIY Workshops! If you've missed one of our public workshops, why not book your own private event?  Here are a few photos of our recent private events- where we come to you!

All the tools, vases and flowers are supplied and everyone gets to take home what they make! We've been hosting our DIY design workshops since 2006, and had the pleasure of teaching groups for Corporate events, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, grand openings, holiday events, team building exercises and more.  Call or email to inquire about your own private workshop!

Flower Bar is a full service florist in Atlanta.  We offer unique floral designs for delivery, special events, weddings, weekly accounts, movie/tv production, and design workshop parties.

Flower Bar

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Atlanta Valentine's Day 2018

Valentine's Day is coming soon, and we are ready!  This year's designs are uniquely our own, and sure to leave a lasting impression.  We deliver throughout metro Atlanta, and will take as many same day deliveries as we can on Wednesday, February 14th, but we suggest you order early. In fact, why not have your Valentine's flowers delivered on Monday, so they can enjoy a "Valentine's WEEK"!

We have a full online catalog of arrangements to choose from, but here's a quick look at some of our favorites...

Elegant Pinks- $92

Deluxe Dozen with Hydrangea and Liatris- $95

Queen's Garden- $92

Flower Bar delivers Valentine's Day flowers throughout the metro Atlanta area, but here are some of our featured neighborhoods: Inman Park, Old Fourth Ward, Downtown, Midtown, Buckhead, East Atlanta Village, Cabbage Town, Little Five Points, Reynoldstown, Kirkwood, Grant Park, Candler Park, Decatur and more!

Click here to see if we deliver to your area

Flower Bar is a full service florist in Atlanta.  We offer unique floral designs for delivery, special events, weddings, weekly accounts, movie/tv production, and design workshop parties.

Flower Bar

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shameka and Dion Wedding

Congratulations to Shameka and Dion!  This lovely couple got married at Park Tavern, in the breathtaking Piedmont Room, and Flower Bar was honored to be the florist of choice!

They wanted lush and luxurious arrangements with lots of hydrangea and roses, and minimal greenery.  Pale pinks, ivory, white and rose gold were the colors of the evening.

All photos by Peter Togel Photography.  Thanks for the great images!

Congratulations again to Shameka and Dion!

Flower Bar is a full service wedding florist in Atlanta. We take great pleasure in making your special day beautiful. Whether you have a large wedding or an intimate setting, we work hard to create gorgeous arrangements that will fit your vision and budget.  Call for a free consultation.

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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Tis the Season to spread some CHEER!

Happy Holidays!  We've just launched our Christmas catalog of arrangements on our website.  You can order online, or call for a customized design.  Some examples are shown below, or click here to see the full holiday catalog. More arrangements will be added soon.

Flower Bar also specializes in Holiday Décor and Party planning.  Call us to deck the halls at your home or office, or to customize table centerpieces for you holiday party.

Flower Bar

660 Irwin Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sensational Succulent Gardens by Flower Bar

Succulent gardens are a perfect gift for the hot summer season.  They are hardy beauties that don't take a lot of maintenance to keep happy. Just let the soil dry thoroughly before watering again.

Flower Bar specialized in custom succulent gardens for all occasions, and each garden is made to order for your specific occasion and budget.

Take a look at some of our recent creations.  You can click here to order your succulent garden delivered today!

Each succulent garden is adorned with a variety of colorful moss, rocks and/or sea shells, sea glass.

Interested in creating your own succulent garden?  Just give us a call to schedule your own private DIY Workshop with your friends or co-workers, 404-431-0811.

Flower Bar is a full service florist in the metro Atlanta area specializing in daily flower delivery, holidays, weddings, weekly accounts, DIY workshops, and special events.  We get new flowers in every day, and we customize all orders to your specific occasion and budget.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

DIY Design Workshops- Corporate Events

For the last 11 years we've had the pleasure to host DIY flower design workshops for many groups both large and small. They are great fun, and a perfect event for all kinds of occasions.

Recently, we hosted an event for a design material supplier at one of their accounts' office.  It was such a hit we were asked to come back for another account, and a few other suppliers joined in on the fun.  Here are a few photos from the events.

Okay, so my phone doesn't take the best photos, but you get the gist! Everyone always has a lot of fun, and they get to take their masterpieces home.  Thank you to Patcraft, Koroseal, National Office Furniture and TVS Design, for having us!!

Interested in hosting your own DIY Workshop with your customers, co-workers or friends? Just call us at 404-431-0811 or email flowerbar@gmail.com.  Thanks!

Flower Bar is a full service florist offering daily delivery to the metro Atlanta area. We also specialize in Weddings, Special events, Film & TV production, DIY Design Workshops and more! Visit one of our links below to see our work.

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