Sunday, October 16, 2016

Little 5 Points Halloween Parade

Happy Halloween Y'all!!!!!  We had our second year of doing a float in the Little Five Points Halloween Parade, two weeks ago, and it was so much fun!  This year The Albert asked to join us on our float, which led us to decorating their bar in theme too.  Our theme was "Rock Stars in Heaven at the Bar." (Inspired by me doing Prince's flowers for the Fox Theatre show before he passed away)

Sarah from The Albert constructed an arch like the one they have behind their bar.  And Flower Bar created all the heavenly clouds and gold records and tomb stones for the float.  Our Rock Stars looked great, and we had Angels to pass out 750 carnations to the parade attendees....a big hit from last year too! 

Take a look at our video and photos below! 

*Special thanks to Wes Nichols for the photos and footage!

To see our float from last year, just click here

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