Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#FloristToTheStars "Mother's Day" movie

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Director of Photography, Chuck Minsky when he came in to visit my shop.  He admired our lighting and florals, and mentioned he was about to begin work on a new movie called "Mother's Day".  I said how Flower Bar is just beginning to get in on all the filming action going on in Atlanta, and he said he would pass along my info to their production team.

Mother's Day is directed by the great Garry Marshall, and stars three of my all time favorite leading ladies.....Julie Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson.  Plus, the annual Mother's Day holiday is the second largest business boom for florists.  What an opportunity!!!

Well, it turns out (as he had suspected, and warned me) that Teleflora had the contract for the movie, and therefor unless I was a Teleflora member I couldn't do set flowers.  I no longer belong to any national wire services, because I don't believe in them.  I once was a Teleflora member, but found they made more money off the orders they sent me than I did.  It saddened me to know that the big wire services are now in the movie business, but it does make sense.

Nonetheless, the Production Team was able to use Flower Bar to send flowers to the leading ladies' hotel rooms, to welcome them to Atlanta and brighten up their stays!  I was honored.

So here's what I came up with....I was trying to be different for the ladies, and send them something they don't see all the time.

Jennifer Aniston:
Jen was the first to arrive. I did jewel tones for her and used a collection of high end flowers, including hydrangea, pincushions, ranunculus, trick, zinnias and succulents.  Her arrangement also featured grapevine wood, and came in a 10" square glass vase lined with ti leaf. 

Kate Hudson:
Kate came to town next.  I made her a "sunset" colored arrangement with hydrangea, celosia, cymbidium orchids and more.  Hers also featured kiwi branch all curly and wild.  Also delivered in a 10" square glass vase, leaf lined.
Julia Roberts:
Julia came to production a couple of weeks later.  Her arrangement featured white queen protea, free spirit roses, traquilium, kiwi branch, rose hips and more, in a taller square glass vase with ti leaf.

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