Monday, August 10, 2015

Team Building DIY Workshop with GUIDE, Inc.

I had the pleasure of spending this morning with a great group of people from Gwinnette United in Drug Education (GUIDE, Inc.).  GUIDE, Inc. is a Gwinnett County driven initiative for change in alcohol, tobacco and drugs, focusing primarily on youth substance abuse prevention.

They had a team-building DIY Workshop at Flower Bar, and we all had so much fun!  These lovely ladies worked well with, and around, each other, as I decided last minute to hold the class inside the shop-- we usually do it in the outdoor veranda room, but it was too hot!

It's always fun for me to do a "free style" class, because I get to see each personality come through in their creation.  Occasionally, I'll be bold enough to read a personality out loud, and I'm usually right. :-)  Today's group included "the exotic and unusual one who's not afraid to be different" and "the woman who could decorate her house at Target, but it would look like she shopped at Crate & Barrel" and "the big in generous and big in confidence personality, who is a great leader."

Here are a few more photos of this group creating their masterpieces...

and the final group shot:
Flower Bar offers DIY Workshops the first Friday of each month. 
**Excluding September- this workshop scheduled for LAST Friday in August**
Please visit our website or other links below for more information.
Phone: 404-431.0811

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