Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday was a monumental day in history.  The LGBT community finally has the right to live and love equally, and I 100% support that!  Always have.

Flower Bar had done a couple of commitment ceremonies in the past, both for men and women, but it's been a while.  I am super excited and hopeful that we will be a part of many same sex marriages in the coming future!

In honor of yesterdays news, I couldn't wait to make a couple of bouquets to represent.  Here's two, hope you enjoy.

Flower Bar is a full service florist, located just off the beltline, in the Old Fourth Ward district of Atlanta.  We specialize in weddings, events, daily delivery, and weekly accounts.  Be we're also a little different!  We have "cocktail themed" bouquets that come in real booze glassware :)
We also offer DIY Workshops the first Friday of each month.
Please visit our website or other link below for more information.
Phone: 404-431-0811

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