Thursday, July 4, 2013

Jahaya and Dan wedding

A beautiful bride name Jahaya met with me earlier this year.  Her wedding was in June, and she liked purples and she knew her budget, but that was about all she had worked out regarding her flowers.  We had a nice chat and she basically gave me creative reign to do whatever I thought would be pretty....a designers dream!

Jahaya got married at Eagles Landing Country Club in Stockbridge, which was a beautiful setting for her very large wedding, which included 15 bridesmaids!

The photographer for this particular wedding never got back to me, so we have to rely on a couple of camera phone photos...which are posted now.  The bridal bouquet is made of purple and cream roses, purple lisianthus and hydrangea.  She also had 30 table centerpieces in a variety of large silver containers.  Some of those are posted below.

For the centerpieces we used big beautiful hydrangea, lavender and purple stock, white lily and snapdragons, liatris, bells of ireland and roses...

Jahaya also invited me to attend the wedding and help coordinate. Below was the beginning of my delicious meal and a well deserved cocktail :-)

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