Thursday, March 4, 2010

Glorious Indoor Gardens for Urban Living

Are you a garden lover, but live in an apartment, loft or condo, with no yard?  In Atlanta (as with many other cities) the popularity of Intown Loft and Condo living has been on the rise over the last decade. One of the things we sacrifice with Intown living is outdoor space—But you don’t need to sacrifice having the beauty of the outdoors brought in to your home! This book is a great resource for creating and maintaining your indoor garden.

Plants and flowers not only affect our emotional well being, they also promote physical well being by removing toxins and poisons from our environment. Glorious Indoor Gardens not only provides rich textual content about creating your own garden sanctuaries, it’s also loaded with tons of beautiful photos!

A great book to pick up for yourself—or give as a gift!

If you live in the Metro-Atlanta area, call Flower Bar @ 404-641-0590 for help with getting your indoor garden started!

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