Monday, August 4, 2008

Tips Planning Your Wedding Flowers

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The wedding rush is upon us again. We're meeting with lots of new brides and planning out our 2009 events. Some brides we meet already have very detailed ideas about their flowers, whereas others haven't yet picked out their colors. We enjoy planning wedding decor with every bride, at every stage...but it occurred to me that it might be a useful tool to post a few tips to think about when meeting with a florist for your wedding.

Color- Most colors can be found year round-- if you really have to have them-- but it will be better on the budget if you stick to what's in season. White is always available and always makes for a beautiful wedding, but if you want to add color, here are some suggestions for each season.

Seasonal Colors:
Spring: light pinks, purples, yellows. blues
Summer: dark pinks, dark purples, reds, peaches
Fall: oranges, greens, peaches, purples
Winter: reds, greens, yellows, browns

Roses vs. No Roses- For Flower Bar, roses are one of the most economical ways to achieve a soft and petally look, if you like them. We've done plenty of weddings where there were no roses included, but still most brides want (or don't mind) roses within the mix. An all-rose bridal bouquet would cost probably half of what it would using most other flowers. The key is to use a good florist who will condition the rose over several days so that it is at a perfect full bloom. Rose buds are not as petally and romantic. One other tip about roses, is to use a color "pallet." Combine dark and light oranges with peaches, or a combination of three of four shades of pink!

Table centerpieces- One of the most important items on your list that will "make or break" your flower budget, will be your table centerpieces. Most Flower Bar table centerpieces range between $45-$85 per table for the "low" arrangements, and $85-$125+ for the "tall centerpieces." There are plenty of ways to substitute different containers or different flowers to get your look on a budget, just ask your florist for suggestions. Flower Bar also rents vases, and containers to lower your cost, but consider whether or not you want your guests to take home your arrangements.

Ceremony Arrangements- Most couples have two or more large ceremony arrangements for the exchanging of vows. Re-purpose those pieces as buffet centerpieces, or entryway arrangements, or DJ decor at the reception. Flower Bar rents urns and columns, or candelabras for your ceremony flowers. We'll move them to your reception if it is in a different location than the ceremony.

Hopefully these couple of tips are useful to you. Stay tuned for more flower planning tips.....I have lot of them!

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