Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Paisley Party was a HIT!

Last night the women in business at Paisley Umbrella hosted a showcase party, along with some invited outside vendors. We had fabulous guests, music, food, and of course everything you need to plan your dream wedding at your fingertips!

Behind the boutique, in our garden area was a tent showcasing four different themed wedding settings including "Classic," "Modern," "Romantic," and "Whimsical." See below for pictures of our collaborations.

These tablescapes were in part coordinated by Ashley Baber Weddings, and featured centerpieces by Flower Bar (of course!), china and stemware by Bloomingdale's, linens by Classic Party Rentals, dresses by Olive, shoes by Ann Roth Shoes, jewelry by Nicola, invitations by Bubble Bee Press, and place cards by MM Ink Calligraphy.





If you missed our wedding boutique party, check here often for information on our next one! Or visit the Paisley Umbrella website.

Flower Bar is the resident florist at Paisley Umbrella, a design showroom for the Creative Bride.

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imdavidk said...

Congratulations on the great party! I subscribe to your blog even though I'm not necessarily one of your customers (actually, I've never purchased anything from you and I'm not currently planning a wedding).

I live across the street from Paisley Umbrella and I wanted to stop by to have my picture taken in the photo booth, but I didn't go because I wasn't sure if I was invited. Are you events open to anyone or is there is guest list?

Just wondering... Hopefully I'll see you at your next function.