Monday, March 17, 2008

Close Your Eyes And Click Your Heels Three Times...

On Friday evening a tornado hit Downtown Atlanta and Cabbage Town, just one mile away from our shop...we were VERY lucky that we did not get hit. I am also counting my blessings, as I was at the Georgia World Congress Center doing a stage demo for the Atlanta Home Show, just hours before the storm hit-- resulting in heavy damage to the building.

On Saturday we had a wedding we were very much looking forward to working on. Kyla Tilton of Atlanta Party Starters was getting married at the Vinings Club. Kyla is one of the most put-together ladies I know, she keeps her cool under any circumstance, and each of her events are no less than a spectacular success! When I arrived at the shop at 6:30 am to begin her flowers, we had no power....and it was pitch black out. This put me a bit behind, but my Jenny came to the rescue to help me catch up on all the boutonnieres and corsages- Thank you Jenny!

When we got to the venue, I was expecting the Bride to be a bit unraveled, as there was another tornado warning for that day. But of course, she was just as calm, cool and collected as always, and she had her team working hard to make sure all was as it should be. I felt for her because she specifically rented the venue and organized the theme of her wedding specifically around the gorgeous skyline view of Atlanta from the Vinings Club. But all that was covered in weather now.

She greeted me with a smile on her face and said the flowers looked great. I told her the sky would clear up and she'd get her view. Sure enough, it did, and at the end of the evening when I returned to clean up, Kyla looked radiant and happy. I'm so glad everything worked out for the lovely Bride and Groom!
And Kyla- now you have quite a story to tell to all your future clients. You pulled off your own beautiful wedding despite the first ever Tornado to hit downtown Atlanta. Congratulations!

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