Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fall Foliage

Our Fall Foliage will be around for just a few more days. If you appreciate all the vibrant colors of Fall, bringing a branch or two into your home is a great way to accent your Thanksgiving decor...and most of us have tons of great choices in our own backyards!

Tips for keeping branches in water:

If you want to arrange your foliage in a vase, make sure you treat the stems properly to ensure that they stay fresh for a few days. First take a knife, sheers, or other sharp object to scrape off the bark at the end of the branch, about 2-3 inches up. Then use a hammer to smash the ends of each branch, breaking up the wood for better drinking.

Tips for displaying fall foliage at the table:

Cut branches a day or two before your event. Use books or other heavy objects to weigh down the branches so that they lay flat. When you are ready to dress your table or buffet, arrange the flatter branches along the table, and place your dishes around the gorgeous colorful leaves!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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