Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Portrait of a Con Man- Curtis Coats III - aka Nigel Saint Claire, Nigel Coats, Noah Drake, and/or Justin Case

WARNING! It is with regret, but purpose, that I am posting this blog today.  A man named Curtis Coats III (or Nigel Saint Claire), from "CA & Associates" and "Nigel at Night" contacted my flower shop during a busy Mother's Day season.  Unfortunately, I was distracted enough to not catch on to his huge scam, until three weeks later.  We had a court date and he did not show up.  I have a Judgement against him for $2963.17, but doubt I will ever see any money.  But the money does not mean as much to me as the long and vast path of Fraud, in Georgia and in Texas, that I have uncovered during my investigation.  This blog will act as a central point for anyone looking in to this man.  DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS MAN.

**This blog has been updated several times, see updates below.


An email curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com has been created for anyone wanting to report your fraudulent experience with Curtis Coats, or his whereabouts. Your contributions could help authorities with a larger investigation.

Current known alias used so far in 2019: Curtis Coats, Curtis Coats III, Nigel Coats, Nigel St. Clair, Nigel Saint Claire, Noah Drake, Justin Case

"Nigel at Night"  He is using this file https://drive.google.com/file/d/12JfvJn_jwdQky5naBhDgXo116TjhwQnL/view  to say he is starting a radio show called "Nigel at Night".  In May he told me it was launching in July.  It is now September, and let me assure you, there is no "Nigel at Night" show.  Also, I've been in contact with the person who created his logo in May, and she too has not been paid, even though her bill is only $250.  He claimed a high-profile television figure was behind him and supported his show, and an integral part of him launching the show.  Well, months later I reached out to this local celebrity who was generous enough to share emails with me, and confirmed she does not know him, and had just days before met him for the first time, as "Nigel St Clair".  I believe she has blocked him from her social media, and she had offered to help in any criminal investigation.

Curtis Coats presents himself as a successful businessman, with a large staff, working in a company called "CA & Associates."  Here is the only online presence he has for his "business." https://curtiscoatsiii.weebly.com/    Also, his "staff" is fake.  He has used the following emails. The ones that appear to be staff, are actually him.  He got sloppy in his communications, and I have proof.

Emails used:

Please email curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com if you have any information to contribute.  Your information may help authorities with a larger investigation in to this man.

Curtis Coats III was in his first month at a shared office space (common in Atlanta) when he opened an account with me.  Once I caught on, I called this office and suggested they look in to him.  The next week, when I sent a driver to deliver hard copies of his invoices, he was no longer located there.  That says eviction to me.  And he has a very long history of that as well.

Curtis Coats uses his young 8 year old son, as manipulation and to cause empathy.  He will claim his ex-wife is in a nasty custody battle with him, or that she is somehow the reason he can't pay bills- i.e. she froze my account, etc.  Well, I spoke to this very lovely woman, and she has FULL custody and he owes her thousands of dollars in child support....and counting.  Please DO NOT reach out to her.  She is not hard to find.  But, when I reached out to her she said she lost count on how many people have contacted her about Curtis Coats.  Let's relieve her of having to answer for this pathetic sociopath, and the negative energy he continues to bring upon her.  There has been an email established for those who want to reach out and that is curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com

Curtis Coats' main M.O. are the following:
Lies about professional staff and business situations
Provides fake documents for office and home rentals, employment, etc.
Lures vulnerable women into romantic involvement, and then rips them off
Uses references to his young son, to manipulate empathy
Plays whack-a-mole with eviction notices
Plays whack-a-mole with bankruptcies
Threatens those who confront him with fake legal documents and resources
Failures to appear in Court

Additional links for more information:

Scamguard long message board with numerous posters

Scribd.com is a great resource for court documents- here are just a FEW links to Curtis Coats







Here's a copy of my Judgement https://publicrecordsaccess.fultoncountyga.gov/Portal/DocumentViewer/Index/VSqHRT6t_znXB1QyrBGQ5myRTh7HivHKoaPXt3TJUyy5E6-4IE1utb7WB2nAbanOKw6c4GgjaUWs2tAXsUvfRhJJVHeWUEXgxuq83wTP3wM1?caseNum=19MS120479&docType=SCANNED%20IMAGE-%20CIVIL&docName=DEFAULT%20JUDGMENT&docTypeId=71&p=0

And last but not least, if you are a woman considering a relationship with this man, I am doing this for you.  I had a business relationship only with this man, though he did try the romantic route as well and was immediately shut down.  Several of the women who got caught in his web, are so distraught about getting nowhere in restitution, that they just want to put it behind them.  It seems like his romantic targets are the most vulnerable, as they are not signing business contracts and/or receiving fraudulent payments.  It's not like you can call the cops and say "my boyfriend ripped me off."  Curtis has a very nice voice, and he is well spoken. DO NOT LET THIS FOOL YOU!!!!!  If this man has contacted you, please report him via email at curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com. Click here to see a video an Austin news station did about Curtis Coats online dating scams.

Thank you, and God Bless.

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UPDATED Below- 9/16/19 *********************************************************************************

I appreciate the responses and reports so far, and have listed new information below.

Defrauding His Family- a direct member of his family reached out to me last week, and attached the court document, dated November 2018, stating Curtis Coats guilty of Identity Fraud, and Theft by Deception- against his own oldest son! After over a year of giving his son the runaround, he somehow walked away with 5 years probation.  I will not post the court document, to protect his son's identity, though it is public information and he is aware that I am including him in my update, and he has given me permission to do so.  I was also told that Curtis is well known for using a story about the next big entertainment deal ----"fill in the blank"---- that was just around the corner, but never materializes.

Current Bankruptcy filing-  One week ago, Mr. Coats filed for bankruptcy, AGAIN.  His hearing is September 24th, and the Chapter 13 Trustee noted his five (5) previous bankruptcy filings since 2013 on the court document.  The Trustee recommended dismissal "with prejudice", which is supposed to be pretty rare, so that is progress.  I also believe it means from reading the paperwork, that he won't be able to file bankruptcy for another 6 months.

Match.com Prowling-  Posing as Nigel St Clair, Curtis is at it again.  I had a very interesting conversation with a woman, who was in contact with "Nigel St Clair" (Curtis) through Match.com. Luckily she was sensing something was up. She started searching his name and "Nigel at Night", and found this blog. She cut off all communication before their first date that was to be scheduled last week.  I'm telling you, these stories are unbelievable. Curtis takes the fast track to his online dating approach, so be aware.  Click here to see a video KTVU in Austin did about Curtis Coats scamming women via online dating (july 2017).

UPDATED Below- 9/24/19 *********************************************************************************

Yesterday a Sergeant from Atlanta PD came to my shop to investigate a police report that Curtis Coats filed against me, for "harassing communication." After I laughed out loud, I felt shock, but then in an instant not shocked at all.  I was shocked that he would go down to a police precinct and file, but nope, he filed online.  I was also very pleased to tell this Sergeant all of the stories I've heard from people responding to my blog, along with my own personal experiences with Curtis.

Although my blog is not intended to "harass" Curtis Coats, it is to warn others- I looked up the definition and here is what I found.  https://codes.findlaw.com/ga/title-16-crimes-and-offenses/ga-code-sect-16-11-39-1.html

As far as I am concerned, and intend- I am only posting information that 1) I experienced myself, 2) others have directly reported to me, or 3) are reported in court records, or other online outlets.

Again, I am shocked by some of the responses I have received, and grateful.  Please keep in mind the definition of "harassment" above when making your comments.  But I believe a good rule of thumb is- if it's true, and especially if you have documented proof, it is not harassment to share your communication.

UPDATED Below- 10/1/19 *********************************************************************************

Regarding the police report Curtis Coats filed against me.  He did not show up to his scheduled face to face meeting with the investigator he sent to my shop.  No surprise at all.  To me this says he never meant to follow through. So not only does Mr. Coats waste the Courts' time with his frivolous bankruptcy filings, but he also abuses Law Enforcement's time with frivolous police reports.

Mr. Coats did not show up to his latest bankruptcy hearing on September 24th. Ridiculous.

I have also received ANOTHER phone call from one of his recent victims, where he monetarily scammed someone again. More information is coming for this, so I will not share quite yet.

UPDATED Below- 11/2/19 *********************************************************************************

As of this update, this blog is only two months old.  Luckily I've been so busy doing positive things, that Mr. Coats hardly crosses my mind, until the phone rings again.  I feel it is my responsibility to update the latest reports from victims, and recap more fraud that has occurred in just the short time this blog has been live. Curtis has just been removed from his third residential property, since August.

He is also using alias' "Noah Drake" and "Justin Case" and claiming to work for a company called "Jackson Creative LLC". So, on goes the cycle, with new names and emails.

August Landlord:
Just days before I posted this blog (Sept 3), Curtis finally left a property that the landlord had tried to remove him from, for two months.  He tried to pass off a completely fake check.  He claimed he accidentally transferred an extra $40k (I believe that what was reported) into the landlords account, and could they please send him back his money.  I'm not sure what online system he uses, but he will transfer money, and then it is suddenly missing from the landlord's bank account days later. 

He used many fake emails and personalities during his runaround, including posing as his mover.  He claimed he had very expensive art, and a large dining set, that required special moving equipment to continue his delay.  The day he finally moved out, the brand new washer/dryer and another kitchen appliance were mysteriously missing.  I will use the word "allegedly", but we all believe he sold the stolen appliance, as his next two property scams where fully furnished. 

September Landlord:
Curtis then moved to a fully furnished property in the Atlanta midtown area, as Nigel St. Clair.  Again with the runarounds and fake emails and fake personalities, and fake bank transfers, etc.  This time, the landlord found my blog much sooner.  She consulted her lawyer, who drafted his release from the property, gave him $500 to sign and immediately move his possessions out in trash bags. He took that deal.

October Landlord:
Days ago, I received a call from the latest landlord.  Curtis found this property through Corporate Housing By Owner website.  All the same stories and scenarios, with slightly different creative twists-including a story about having a stroke in the bank parking lot trying to get money to pay rent. And, this time he used the name Noah Drake.  He also submitted a check under the name Justin Case.  This landlord acted quickly after seeing my blog and immediately locked him out of the property. He was seen trying to get in twice, pulling up in a white Jeep with Virginia plates, but then quickly leaving in under one minute.  The police told the landlord they could just throw his stuff out on the curb.

Since my initial blog posting, I have been made aware of four separate police reports filed again Curtis Coats, three different detectives are looking in to him, he's filed for bankruptcy again and has been blocked from filing again for six months.  Also, this blog has been viewed over 2,600 times in two months.  Please feel free to share on nextdoor.com for your specific neighborhood.  One person did and we got 1,000 views in three days.

It's a sad shame the effort and skill this man puts towards scamming other people. Fortunately, the walls ARE closing in on him. And hopefully soon, he will have free rent in prison.

Again, if you have anything to report, please send your info to curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com.  Thank you.


WinGellyGirl said...

I know both Curtis and his ex-wife. From what I know about them both, I am sure that everything you say about Curtis is likely true. He is definitely a con man, and you should proceed with caution and avoid any and all financial transactions with him unless he pays you cash upfront. Otherwise, you will almost surely never see your money. Nor should you believe anything he says that you don't see with your own eyes.

What you say about his ex-wife however is not exactly true, or is at best misleading. She is hardly the innocent victim she portrays herself to be. Yes, her life was destroyed by her relationship with Curtis. No doubt about it. However, it was her own greed that took her to that place. And in some ways, what happened to her was due to her willingness to hurt another woman to get what she thought was going to be an easy life being taken care of by a successful man. At the expense of the wife he already had and their three children.

Curtis was married when they met, to the mother of his three children to whom he had been married for over twenty years. The alleged "innocent victim" knew this. His wife at the time tried to warn her, but she dismissed her and ignored her thinking she had "won". She showed no concern for the fact that he was already married with three children. She was just enjoying the lifestyle he gave her, funded by the money he should have been using to take care of his family. He actually ended up losing that job over stupid lies he told his boss to get time to be with her. When the boss found out, he fired him. Idiotic and horrible behavior on Curtis' part. Dishonorable and selfish behavior on his now "innocent ex-wife's." They made the bed though and actions have consequences.

Curtis's former wife truly is a "lovely woman". Even after all he put her through, she isn't bitter. I have no idea why, but she remains a good and decent woman. Curtis, however, lost teh relationship with his older three children due to the affair he had with the newest ex-wife. That is why he is so obsessed with the 8-year-old. And yes, the ex does have full custody, but the court battles do continue as you can see from the online court records. So that is one thing at least that Curtis is not lying about.

The current ex-wife however may be damaged by the extreme stress that she went through. Whatever the reason, she has made it her goal to make sure he never works again, nor keeps a job again.

With these types of blogs and efforts such as the kind you described to inform his employers and potential landlords and business partners not to do business with him, it is extremely unlikely that any of you will ever get your money back. How is a person with no possibility of earning a living supposed to pay anyone back, including child support?

The only reasonable inference from this behavior that I have watched since 2014 is that the desire is not to get the money owed, but to harass and punish Curtis for all the wrong he has done. If that is the goal, just be honest and state it. But these endless blogs and supposed efforts to "help potential victims" are disingenuous and fooling no one. As far as helping with "other investigations". as far I have ever known he has cheated women and landlords and run scams. He hasn't committed any violent or drug crimes or anything at all like that.

Curtis is a con man, and he is a liar. He has cheated many people out of many things. Including me. But if he isn't allowed an opportunity to once again earn legitimate money, there is no chance for him to at least try to make right the many things he has made wrong. So complaining about the money he owes you while actively making it impossible for him to pay you back seems odd at best, and malicious and short-sighted at worst. I just can't understand why people are willing to put so much time and effort into "getting back at someone".

Flower Bar. LLC said...

You sound a lot like Curtis, with long messages and the way you speak. If you are not, forgive me, and thank you for confirming that he is a con man. If you would like to tell your story of how he cheated you, please send an email to the address mentioned. Thank you.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

The previous post sounds a lot like Curtis. He never wants to be held accountable for his actions.
This blog is to warn other women, business owners, and landlords that Curtis Coats III is a Con artist and a scammer. He can do right by not scamming people and become a respectful honest, hard working productive Man instead of a low life scamming leach. He is a man with children and he has no disregard for them he is a self serving narcissist .

It is not about getting back at someone. It is about holding Curtis responsible for his wrong doing and warning others that he is a person that is not to be trusted.

WinGellyGirl said...

Yes, it occurred to me that people would think my post was from Curtis pretending to be someone else. He has done that many times before.

I am not sure however how you read my post and got the idea that I don't think he should be held accountable for his actions. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If I think about it too long, I still feel rage over the many ways he took advantage of my friendship with his family. But I had to let it go. The anger was consuming me. Believe me, it was not easy. There was a lot of prayer involved. But having done it, I feel lighter and at peace. Most of the time. I just know that never, ever in life to trust him at all or let him anywhere near me, my family, my money, credit cards, SS number, checkbook or anything else that can be used for a scam. I admit I would warn women about befriending him or dating him, but it would never occur to me to interfere with his ability to find a place to live or earn a living.

I am not judging you. I am pretty sure that you have your reasons for what you're doing, and it is not my business. I just thought I would mention that none of us will ever get anything back, as long as he doesn't work.

Tracy J. Williamson said...


How is anyone interfering with him getting a job or finding a place to stay. He's done that to himself look at the number of landlords he has scammed using fake identities. The only reason Curtis couldn't get a job is due to what he has done in his past and present and he can't pass a background check. Curtis has ruined his own reputation, there is no one else to blame for that but Curtis. As business owners we have to protect ourselves from people like him and protect other business owners as well. At some point there has to be some accountability and atonement for his actions. It is not about the money It is about principle. it is about honest and integrity and doing what is right. Get an honest truthful job. stop trying to scam people have some integrity if not for yourself your children. There is nothing right about anything Curtis has done and continues to do. The actual best place for him to be is in Jail. He will get 3 hot meals a day and nice place to sleep. Problem solved . he can have job while in prison and make about $1.15 a day.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

so he can't go back to Texas there are still two open warrants for his arrest. His name is tainted in Texas
Found some info on him from when he lived there an people started realizing he was scam

Update: Austin Monthly has decided to remove Curtis Coats from its 2016 list of the Top Singles in the City.

We are taking this unusual step after receiving information from multiple sources about his selection. After doing our own research, we have determined that it is in the best interest of everyone involved for Mr. Coats to no longer be included in the list, which was first printed in the August edition of the magazine. As a result of this decision, we will be reviewing our selection process to ensure that situations like this do not occur again in the future.

court dates he didn't show up for that warrants attached




9/26/19 9:00 AM








9/26/19 9:00 AM




THEFT PROP>=$1,500<$20K

WinGellyGirl said...

Wow! Oh my. It is even worse than I knew! I am shutting my mouth.

Flower Bar. LLC said...

Thank you for contributing additional information, Tracy! Very interesting, I will add it to our list.

For being a family friend, you sure revealed a lot of personal dirty laundry. And also merely confirmed that his second ex wife was conned into marriage. I noticed you created a new profile just to respond to this blog. Are you new to google? I ask because Curtis manages many email addresses, with many personalities behind them- male and female. I am curious how you are still so close to Curtis and his ex, that you know so many goings on, but are surprised at the info Tracy shared.

Also, would you be so kind as to share a few links for the "endless blogs" like these that you referenced? I am no psychologist, but I would bet to say, that this is Curtis. Your first reply was a reaction to seeing my blog, finding out I had been in contact with your ex, got into a fight with her about it, and then posted your response in reaction to being mad at her. The blog wasn't about HER, it is about YOU.

And finally, my intent for the posting is to warn others and to collect more information on your track record for the authorities. However the offline responses I have seen so far, along with many "Thank you for posting this" messages, are shocking. I am now considering shopping our stories around for a movie or television documentary. And I have many contacts in the business. If it sells, maybe we will get some of our money back just by telling our stories.

Reminder to everyone, please email your info to curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com

Tina Lee said...

Tracy and Amber, Thank you for responding.  I've got so much to add to Curtis's dossier. 

WinGellyGirl, if Curtis wants to make an honest living, I'm in full support of that.  But I can tell you that he doesn't yet.  I was Curtis's landlady.  Ten days ago, I discovered that Curtis and his accomplices damaged and robbed my home.

As Tracy's pointed out, Curtis had, and continues to have, warrants out for his arrest when he defrauded me and other victims.  Knowing what I know today, I wouldn't ever want him to set foot in my home, let alone my community.  Would you?  

Short of hogtying him (wouldn't that be fun?), this is the best way to stop him.  I can tell you that he doesn't need, as you say, to peddle drugs or commit violence to hurt a community (funny that you'd have to resort to such low standards to justify Curtis's actions).  A community is only as good as its trust and goodwill.  Curtis preys on these qualities and turns them to shit.  I commend Amber for crowdsourcing his crimes to hold him accountable. Amber, you're fucking brilliant.
I can tell you that I no longer have sympathy for him.  He told us his son was ill, in need of frequent medical care, and whose condition could only be mitigated by meds that required refrigeration.  What drove him to risk jinxing his own child's health? His discomfort.  He didn't want to pay for electricity but wanted the AC on.  Lies like this give me pause about his regard for anyone besides himself. 

Tina Lee said...

Ditto.  WinGellyGirl, if you're not Curtis, please use a real identity.  You leave me to speculate that you agreed with Tracy to end the conversation once you realized that you're just prompting her to post more damning evidence. 

Your claim about Curtis being married doesn't line up with publicly available information.  Given your intimate knowledge of him, I'm surprised that you downplayed his prowling on a dating website for single women WHILE being married, as you claim.  That doesn't make his ex a homewrecker, it makes Curtis a creep on top of being a fraud.  From Essence's Bobbi Misick:

"Curtis even went so far as to announce that he would only commit to a three-day [online dating] trial. Before his deadline was up, he stumbled on Ayanna’s profile. 'I saw a picture of her sitting at a table and I said to my friend, ‘I’m telling you, this woman is my wife.'" 

Here's the article: https://www.essence.com/love/weddings/ayanna-glaze-curtis-coats/   

You need to use a real identity, because you sound too much like Curtis.  It would lend credibility to your claims too.

If you are Curtis though, I find it ironic that a cheat's calling foul.  What sort of twisted logic is it that you're the victim here and your reputation's being smeared?
That this blog prevents you from paying your victims back? Ha.

I had the misfortune of being dragged into Georgia's Federal Bankruptcy Court last month, courtesy of Curtis.  I can attest to the fact that he's got creditors lining up around the block.  One poor guy (a creditor) filed a $40k+ claim against Curtis.  THAT's the guy who has every right to be indignant.  NOT YOU CURTIS, so spare me your sob story. 

I also can't count the number of emails I have in my inbox from him impersonating someone else.  Some of them are hilarious.  He'd write as his mover and cc his mover's driver, who turns out to be one the addresses in Amber's post above.  Dunno if he's sloppy or lazy.  He'd write as his mover to postpone the move because of Curtis's vast art collection and immense "8-piece dining set", which as we all know, requires procuring super special equipment.  Then he writes as himself yelling at his mover.  Then he writes again responding as his mover.  He's like Pacific Heights meets Will Ferrell.  I'll need to post these online for everyone's enjoyment.  I'll pop a link to them here once I do.    

WinGellyGirl said...

This is bizarre and is starting to feel childish. I am an adult, and I don't play games, so this exchange is ending.

First, however, let me answer your questions since I have some downtime and am flabbergasted at your responses. This is so odd. Here goes:

I am not one of Curtis' "crazy exes" who thrives on messiness. My relationship with him was not romantic in any way. I know him because I am a friend of people related to him. I helped him, (with the knowledge and grudging consent of my husband) because I was sucked in by his stories and felt sorry for him and wanted to help him with his son. But I also got conned and taken advantage of. Lesson learned.

I found your blog when I googled Curtis' father looking for his online memorial for a friend who just lost her mother and wants to do something similar. His father had the same name, so this blog came up. I should have minded my own business but was curious about what he's done now, so opened your blog and took a peek, and decided against my better judgment to post.

I created a new email address to post because Curtis and his family members would recognize my name and email address if it shows on this blog, and I didn't want problems behind his knowing I have posted if he sees this blog or any awkwardness from my friends knowing I posted if they see it. Of course, it is now a moot point because the additional information I am now providing will make it obvious to him and his family who I am if they should ever see this.

I didn't know Curtis had warrants because no one around me has mentioned it, and I doubt if his family knows. If they do, they had no reason to share that info with me. It doesn't have anything to do with me. Everyone knows what I went through with him and how angry my husband and I were, so they don't talk about him around me anymore.

I simply posted on a blog and now am receiving accusations from someone I don't even know. You would think I was criticizing Trump on Quora. The feeling of being attacked and demanded to justify my right to say what I want to is the same.

Seriously, go back and read what I have said, and then read what you have said to me. My husband and son told me to stay out of this, and I really wish I had listened. I guess the nastiness is my punishment for involving myself in someone else's business. Another lesson learned, as I extricate myself from more "Curtis-driven-issues." My life is happy, peaceful, and satisfying. I want to keep it that way.

By the way, I am also a writer and I wish you much luck with your book!


Tracy J. Williamson said...

Good Morning, here is a little more information about Curtis coats
Status: Released
Booking No: GCSO17JBN004293 MniNo: GCSO17MNI012782
Booking Date: 09/21/2017 03:05 PM Released: 12/30/2017 07:33 PM
Age On Booking Date: 53
Bond Amount: $3500.00 Cash Only: $110.00
CELL Assigned:

Address Given: 3180 MORGAN BOX DR BUFORD GA 30519


[+] 16-9-20(b)(3) DEPOSIT ACCOUNT FRAUD (BAD CHECKS) $1500 F $1300.00



[+] 16-9-20(b)(3) DEPOSIT ACCOUNT FRAUD (BAD CHECKS) $1500 F $1300.00


SURETY $0.00


SURETY $0.00

[+] 16-9-20(b)(1)(2) DEPOSIT ACCOUNT FRAUD (BAD CHECKS) NO MO M $1300.00

SURETY $25.00


SURETY $0.00


Status: Released
Booking No: GCSO18JBN020005 MniNo: GCSO17MNI012782
Booking Date: 08/01/2018 03:36 PM Released: 08/09/2018 03:00 PM
Age On Booking Date: 54
Bond Amount: $7319.72 Cash Only: $0.00
CELL Assigned:

Address Given: 4170 SECRET SHOALS WAY BUFORD GA 30518



Tina Lee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tina Lee said...

WinGellyGirl, you can always email curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com to share your story with law enforcement.  Any police reports or court records that are relevant to your case would be helpful in his investigation.  This way, your friends, Curtis, and his family won't know about your having done so. 

But see, that's the fishiest part of your story.  Why would you be afraid of Curtis finding out? Or his family learning that he's defrauded you? It's Curtis's m.o. to hide behind fake names, emails, and phone numbers so forgive me for being suspicious.  You say that you're angry about being taken advantage of but you're afraid of awkwardness.  When I read that, I can't help but think that you're the perp, not the victim.  Only Curtis can come up with such a contrived explanation: You've been defrauded by Curtis but you're afraid of awkwardness between you and the con-man? Or between you and so-called mutual friends or members of his family?

I'm going to raise Amber's suspicions again.  You claim in your response that you fell for Curtis's story about his son.  I don't know which son you're speaking of, but you're contradicting yourself.  You said in your first post that you know both of his ex-wives.  If you knew his exes, you'd know that he has no custody, nor pays child support, nor has any relations with ANY of his sons.  In fact, you stated that yourself in your post.  So how could you have fallen for that con?

Your one claim that's substantiable turns out to be false (see above post for Essence article) or misleading.  But it's clear what your objective was: to paint Curtis's ex as a homewrecker who ruined him.  In fact, your claims all share a similar theme: DENIAL of responsibility for Curtis and BLAME displaced on others for Curtis's own actions. 

To Conclude:

My allegation's that you're Curtis.  No one, anywhere in this thread said anything about your being his ex or having been romantically involved with him.

You were pressed for evidence to your claims but you responded with paragraphs of irrelevant information.  These non sequiturs? Classic Curtis. 

I wish I could give you benefit of doubt, but it's hard to when you hide behind an alias.  If you think you've already been outed from your posts, why don't you identify yourself and allow us to give you the apology you deserve?

Flower Bar. LLC said...

Tracy, thank you the continued contributions!

Hi Tina! If only people heard HOW he robbed your place before moving out, that story is ridiculous too!

And this Gellygirl is definitely Curtis. It’s obvious. He gets sloppy when he gets defensive. His last reply had so many holes, a glaring one being that he said he “googled his name when looking for Curtis’ father”—This blog doesn’t show up when you google his name – YET. Unless you put the words “con man” with your search.
This blog is only one week old, and has already gotten so much traction. I’ve only shared it via social media, and it is now listed on the scamguard website. So, again, sloppy lies.

Also, I ran in to Curtis on the 4th of July with his son, who looked quite healthy and normal. We were on the Rooftop at Ponce City Market, and the party was private VIP with expensive tickets. So he scammed someone to get up there. Both he and his son were wearing the Acuna Jr Braves jerseys I bought them when his “assistant” ordered him an elaborate “Braves Baseball VIP experience” gift basket for his birthday. I kept my cool because of his son, but regret doing so now. I should have found out who he was with and exposed him, but I was there as a guest of the Roof. So if you see him prowling around in that Braves jersey, now you know how he got it. I think he wears it OFTEN.

Tina Lee said...

Reposting a truncated version of my previous post to Tracy. The court record was unnecessarily long. For any who are interested, the record in its entirety (enter case # from below) is available online at the Gwinnett County court:


Tracy, thank you for posting this information, I've not been able to locate it. An officer helped me interpret the following 2018 record from Gwinnett County from his end (copied below). I learned that he only received probation for the bad checks. It was disheartening. So I'm glad to see from the information that you posted that the world at least got a break from Curtis for 3 months in 2017 while his butt was in jail for these charges.

18-B-02436-8 | STATE VS COATS

Case Number

Division 8

Judicial Officer
Hamil, R. Timothy

File Date

Case Type

Case Status

State of Georgia






Description Statute Level Date
001 Identity Theft Fraud When Using/Possessing Id 16-9-121(a)(1) Felony 01/01/2016
002 Theft by Deception 16-8-3 Misdemeanor 01/01/2016
Disposition Events

Flower Bar. LLC said...

This blog has been updated with additional information. Please see under the blue highlighted line towards the end of the post. You can also send your information to curtis.coats.fraud@gmail.com

Tracy J. Williamson said...

One thing about curtis. If he finds out where you work he will attempt to get you fired saying that you are harassing him. Curtis is a poor excuse for a human being. I wish there was some landlord blog to post all this info to let landlords know about him. Curtis's own family will have nothing to do with him. His sister is an author. His step mother has disowned him. His own children have nothing to do with. One thing about a narcissist is that they will eventually escalate.he is currently cornered and has no where to go. He can't go back to Texas. He is stuck in Atlanta
Thank you for this blog. As I gain more info i will post.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

Oh there is a reporter in Austin, TX that did a story on him

Flower Bar. LLC said...

The following update was added above:

Yesterday a Sergeant from Atlanta PD came to my shop to investigate a police report that Curtis Coats filed against me, for "harassing communication." After I laughed out loud, I felt shock, but then in an instant not shocked at all. I was shocked that he would go down to a police precinct and file, but nope, he filed online. I was also very pleased to tell this Sergeant all of the stories I've heard from people responding to my blog, along with my own personal experiences with Curtis.

Although my blog is not intended to "harass" Curtis Coats, it is to warn others- I looked up the definition and here is what I found. https://codes.findlaw.com/ga/title-16-crimes-and-offenses/ga-code-sect-16-11-39-1.html

As far as I am concerned, and intend- I am only posting information that 1) I experienced myself, 2) others have directly reported to me, or 3) are reported in court records, or other online outlets.

Again, I am shocked by some of the responses I have received, and grateful. Please keep in mind the definition of "harassment" above when making your comments. But I believe a good rule of thumb is- if it's true, and especially if you have documented proof, it is not harassment to share your communication.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

That is his M.O he has filed so many false reports on people because he feels so harassed or says people are spreading lies on him. everything that is posted here is public information and already on the internet, on court cites etc. all you have to do is Google his name and all his crap comes up. Curtis needs to sit down and have several seats and do some self assessment that 100% of his issues are caused by him and no one else.

Flower Bar. LLC said...

It is unfortunate to hear that he's done this before. We will see if he follows through. Seems like filing false police reports should have some kind of punishment. I have a feeling he just did this to alarm me, but I am not alarmed.

Flower Bar. LLC said...

Regarding the police report Curtis Coats filed against me. He did not show up to his scheduled face to face meeting with the investigator he sent to my shop. No surprise at all. To me this says he never meant to follow through. So not only does Mr. Coats waste the Courts' time with his frivolous bankruptcy filings, but he also abuses Law Enforcement's time with frivolous police reports.

Mr. Coats did not show up to his latest bankruptcy hearing on September 24th. Ridiculous.

I have also received ANOTHER phone call from one of his recent victims, where he monetarily scammed someone again. More information is coming for this, so I will not share quite yet.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

I am not sure how a bankruptcy attorney doesn't look in the system and see how many times he has filed and not shown up or let alone pay an attorney. SMH.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

And the reason that he files bankruptcies is to prevent from getting evicted .

Flower Bar. LLC said...

And once again, more info to update on Curtis. Please see above. Also note new alias "Noah Drake" and "Justin Case"

Flower Bar. LLC said...

Just a tidbit of humor. Judge Mathis production company has contacted the latest landlord to see if she wants to settle her case on their show.

Judge Jerry (Springer) contacted me when I filed, to see if I wanted to settle my case on their show. Curtis entertained a couple of phone calls with the production assistant, but ultimately declined....no surprise. Too bad too, because these shows offer to pay the judgement for whoever wins.

That's okay, I'm saving all of our content to pitch to a bigger production company. And when I do, everyone will get a piece of the pie to tell their story...and hopefully recover some of the money this man has stolen from all of us.

Tracy J. Williamson said...

WOW is all I can say. You would think the narcissist that he is he would have accepted but then everyone would find out what a pathetic con artist that he is.

Researcher said...
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Researcher said...

I am Curtis' sister. This is all very sad. I can only be happy that our parents are not alive to see any of this. It would break their hearts. This is disturbing, and I can't wrap my mind around this being my own brother.

Winngellygirl is a real person, not my brother. She is the one who told me about this blog, and I wish she hadn't. I'm not telling my sisters, and am never reading this again. All of this is just awful. Too, too awful.